I already have Offline and want To-Go instead, what happens next?

What is the difference between Offline To-Go subscription and the one I’m on? 

The short version is that Offline To-Go doesn’t include Perks or event invites, and you'll have smaller Offer amounts that are valid for takeout only. Check out our website to learn more. 

How do I switch my subscription to Offline To-Go? 

Go to this form and submit a subscription change request. We’ll change you over immediately if it’s < 5 days into the current month. If you're changing ON or AFTER the fifth of the month, your subscription will be changed on the first of the next month.

If I switch memberships, will I get to keep my existing referral/account credits?

Yep. Any referral credits or other credits will apply to future months of your Offline To-Go monthly subscription costs. 

Can I have an Offline To-Go and my current subscription?

No. As of now, our tech can’t accommodate one account having both types of subscriptions. If you are subscribed to multiple areas (like Raleigh and Durham) and want to switch, both of your subscriptions will move to Offline To-Go.

What about my existing Offline ID? 

You'll still keep your same Offline ID.

Will I still be in my friend’s groups if I switch?

Nope. You guys will have completely different subscriptions at that point. If they switch over or have already switched, just email support@letsgetoffline.com and ask to be moved into their group. 

Will I lose my lottery entries if I switch to Offline To-Go?

No, but as part of the Offline To-Go subscription, you won’t receive event invites so you won’t have an opportunity to use them. If you ever decide to switch back to the classic version of Offline, your lottery points will be right there waiting for you.

I have an annual subscription, what happens if I switch to Offline To-Go? 

We will take all of the credit you have left on your account and apply it to your Offline To-Go subscription each month. When that runs out, we’ll charge your card for the monthly cost of an Offline To-Go subscription until you cancel or move back to our standard subscription. We do not offer an annual subscription for Offline To-Go. 

Will I receive Offers I’ve had previously?

Due to the nature of our current partnerships, you may receive a to-go Offer to a spot you’ve previously had a dine-in offer for. We will be adding new partners in the future so you will begin to see new Offers the longer you have the subscription. 

Do all of your partners work with Offline To-Go?

We have a very wide range of businesses that partner with Offline. Not all of them can or want to allow takeout right now. If you have an Offline To-Go subscription, you will only be sent partners that support takeout via online ordering, phone ordering, or order in person (and then takeout). 

Can I switch back to my regular Offline subscription if I don’t like Offline To-Go? 

You can. However, if you have just switched to Offline To-Go, you will have to wait until the next month for your regular subscription to reactivate. 

Can I customize my preferences?

Right now, you cannot customize your preferences for either Offline To-Go or regular Offline. If you want a membership that is good for someone still not comfortable with eating at restaurants, To-go is probably for you. 

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