How to Online Order for Toast

STEP 1: Visit the link to the partner's online ordering site (this is in your newsletter)

STEP 2: Add the "Offline Member" menu item to your cart

STEP 3: Add your name AND Offline ID to the "Special Instructions" field - this will be used to check your ID. 

STEP 4: Add items to your cart

STEP 5: Checkout (you will have to sign in/create an account to do this)

STEP 6: Enter the promo code from your newsletter into the "Add a Promo" field and hit "Apply" 

STEP 7: Add a tip and hit Place Order

If the partner checks your Offline ID and it comes back as invalid, they may call you to clarify you punched in the number correctly. If it still comes up as invalid, they will ask you to either add the discount value back to the order or allow you to cancel the order. Please write into support if that happens and we'll see what's going on. 

Any problems? Write into us and we'll help figure it out.