How can I refer a friend?

Referring a friend has two parts.
Your part is easy...
  1. Send your friend to
  2. Give them your referral code for when they sign up. Your referral code can be found in your newsletter. 

Your friend will...

  1. Go to
  2. Pick the city they want to sign up for. 
  3. Click on Join Offline
  4. Click on "I have a referral code" 
  5. Subscribe monthly or annual
  6. Enter your referral code in the box and hit Apply
  7. If your friend is joining the same city as you, they can choose to get the same offers as you. 
  8. They complete their signup, get a free first month, and have their first newsletter within 5 minutes. You'll get $5 off next month's membership* and a BFF to ball out with.

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