How can I refer a friend?

Your part is easy...

  1. Go to your custom referral page at:
  2. Choose the way you want to share your code (email, SMS, or just copy your link)
  3. Send them your share link

Your friend will...

  1. Click on your custom share link and be taken to the website with a little popup that has your code to copy.
  2. Click on Join Offline
  3. Click on "I have a referral code" 
  4. Subscribe monthly or annual*
  5. Enter your referral code in the box and hit Apply
  6. If your friend is joining the same city as you, they can choose to get the same offers as you.** 
  7. After they complete their signup, they'll get their first newsletter within 5 minutes. We'll also gift you a free month for bringing a cool new kid into the fold.  

*Offline To-Go Memberships do not offer an annual plan.
**If your friend is signing up for a different market or subscription type, they will not have the same offers as you

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