Why did I get an account warning?

Offline has a dual, anonymous rating system like many services today. 

We review these ratings every month and look back on the activity for all users from partner ratings. After a member receives more than 3, 1-2 star ratings, we make sure that the sum of the 1-2 star ratings are not more than 25% of their overall ratings. We send the member a warning if the % of 1-2 star ratings is >25% of their total rating count. 

Once the member has received their first notice, we effectively reset their rating as if they were a new user and keep their account "on notice". If the member meets this same criteria again of >25% 1-2 star ratings, we will cancel the member's membership and refund the remainder of their membership fees.

When a member redeems an Offer, our partners are prompted to give that member a rating and reason. The reasons we see most members receiving low ratings are:

Low Tipping

This is often a reason a partner puts when a member isn't paying attention to the pre-discounted check. 

You can ensure to avoid this type of rating by always paying attention to the pre-discounted amount and tipping appropriately off of that. 

Low Spending

If you go to an Offline partner and you do not spend a reasonable amount over the Offer amount, this will likely be the reason your rating was low. Our service is not intended for people to go and try to hit the exact amount of the discount. Based on our Code of Conduct below, we do expect you to spend money at our partners beyond the discount. 

You can ensure to avoid this type of rating by spending over the Offer amount.


This one is pretty clear. If you were rude to staff, managers, other people in the restaurant, you may receive this. It's the low rating reason that is used the least. 

You can ensure to avoid this type of rating by being kind.

It is important to know that we will not tell you which specific partners gave you a low rating. For more information about these and what we recommend, read our Code of Conduct article or read more about how our Code of Conduct came into being.

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