What’s the fitness perk policy?

More often than not, fitness perks will often require a credit card hold to book/redeem. To keep that card on file, you may be charged a nominal $0.50 (by the studio, not us), and then you’re free to sign up and sweat to your heart’s content.

I f you sign up for a class and are late/don’t show up, you’ll be auto-charged a no-show fee of up to $15.
Why? Because our fitness partners (happily!) reserve what limited space they have in their classes for us, and when someone doesn’t show up, they’ve wasted an opportunity for both the fitness studio and for whoever else might’ve wanted to get in on that class. It’s a major bummer that can cost our partner a helluva lot of moolah, this policy is in place to help keep the partnership mutually beneficial.
Remember, as our Code of Conduct says, we love our partners and it’s our goal to support them by introducing them to new, awesome people like you. 

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