How do business referrals work?

What We Look For

We're pretty picky about the company we keep. Ideal partners that could qualify for a $250 referral meet these four criteria:
  1. Restaurants (or hospitality concepts that serve food, e.g. a boutique hotel or a bar with an upscale food program)
  2. 4.0 stars or above on Yelp
  3. Locally-owned (or a multi-location concept that started in NC)
Of course, we'll make case-by-case exceptions for places that are cool enough.

We also do member  Perks with fitness studios, retail concepts, events, coworking spaces, etc., and  Sneak Peek events with new businesses that are opening up, all which could all qualify for a $100 referral.  Bottom line: if you think it's cool, send it our way and we'll let you know!

Referral Rules

  • Telling us a cool business exists does not count. You must make a meaningful introduction to someone at that business that can make decisions.
  • If we already know them, it does not count. That's why you should let us know who the business is before you introduce us.
  • If the intro goes nowhere, it does not count. The person you introduce us to must respond and take action directly from your intro (i.e. replying to your email/text/etc).
  • You can't refer yourself. If you're an Offline member and a business owner or decision-maker, we can't pay you a referral bonus for referring yourself.

Bottom line: we're looking for introductions directly to decision-makers that lead to new partnerships.

How To Refer

  1. Email us the name of the business and who you know there.
  2. We'll confirm whether we have a relationship with them already and that we'd like to meet them.
  3. You make an intro via email, text, or phone intro.
  4. If we end up working with them, we'll send you your referral fee via Paypal or other method within 30 days of launch.

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