What happens now that Offline To-Go is gone?

I was given a gift membership to OTG that isn’t over yet. What happens to my free months? 

Those months will be converted to credits that we’ll apply towards your monthly membership. For example, if you had two months left of Offline To-Go (the equivalent of $10), then you’ll have $10 go towards your monthly subscription.

How do I reactivate my account?

You can email us at support@letsgetoffline.com or fill out this form.

Can I request Offers that are eligible for takeout?

Nope. You will get some fast-casual Offers (which are fine to takeout), but the majority of Offers are designed for dine-in. No matter what, we’ll always include all of the info you need in your newsletter, just like we did with To Go Offers. 

What’s the difference in the types of Offers I get?

They’ll primarily be for dine-in restaurants, have higher dollar amounts (woohoo!) and the same level of awesome new restaurants to check out. Trust us, you’ll still find new favorites. 

If I convert to Offline "Classic" will I get the same Offers I had when I was a Togo member?

Initially, you may receive a duplicate offer to a partner you've already visited. But as we sign new partners this will happen less and less. It's likely you will not receive any duplicates if you've only been a ToGo member for a short time. 

I’m still pretty new to Offline. What are perks? 

Perks are all kinds of amazing extras! Think staycations, fitness classes, and exclusive sneak peeks to restaurants that aren’t yet open to the public. Cool, right?

How much does the “Classic” version of Offline cost compared to Offline To-Go?

Offline To-Go was $5/month. The prices for Offline Raleigh and Offline Durham are based on whether you sign up monthly or annual but start at $6.99/month. 

Anything else cool I should know about “Classic” Offline? 

Don’t forget to check out our lottery system and our super discounted annual memberships!

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