Offer vs Perk vs Event

As an Offline member, you've got access to three key product types. 


Offers are the main aspect of your Offline membership. Each month, you should receive 2 Offers in an email with a subject line like: "Offline Raleigh, June Edition". 

  • You have until the last day of the month to use your Offers
  • You can extend Offers 2 weeks by using the extension link in that same email
  • Tell your server your an Offline member and give them your Offline ID to redeem


Perks are a bonus element of your membership. The number and kind of Perk (event tickets or fitness membership, etc.) vary each month and each one has its own set of redemption rules.

You'll receive your bonus Perks in a SEPARATE "Perks + Events" email with a subject line like: "☀️JUNE EXTRAS: Beer Festivals, Treasure Hunts + More ☀️ "

  • Each perk will have its own rules on when it expires and how to redeem so be sure to read thoroughly
  • Perks cannot be extended


Events happen on such short notice (here's why) that we only put teasers in your "Perks + Events" email. 

  • Events have a lottery for tickets
  • You'll receive an event lottery invite between one day and one week prior to the event
  • If you win or lose a lottery, you'll receive an email notification with a status update
  • Once you win a lottery ticket, there are no refunds for the ticket

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