Subscription vs Value



Normally, every newsletter has two Offers. One of your Offers should cover your effective monthly membership cost for that month**


- The  current labor shortage in the restaurant industry is affecting full-service dine-in spots more than fast-casual restaurants, which require less staffing. While a lot is back to normal, some stuff is still ramping back up, and we’ve got to give our “fancier” friends a little more time to stabilize themselves. 

- Additionally, based on your preferences, sometimes we will only be able to give you one Offer in a month vs the standard two Offers. 


If this happens, we will credit your account an amount to make up for the missing Offer or value discrepancy. The credit will be applied at the end of the current month and will apply to the following month's subscription fee.

We'll credit 100% of your effective monthly cost if you receive no Offers due to restrictive location/category Offer preferences. 
We'll credit 50% of your $12.99/month membership for a missing Offer. 
We'll credit 25% of your $12.99/month membership for receiving two Offers where neither of them is >$12.99. 
We'll credit 50% of your annual membership effective monthly fee for a missing Offer. 

**Note: Annual memberships have lower effective monthly lower membership costs and only qualify for the missing Offer credit. 

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