What is the best way to link my Offers with a small group of people?

Everyone should log in to their account

Make sure you ALL have phone numbers linked with your Offline accounts. You can check on this by going to your homepage and clicking the profile button in the top right. 

(We recommend doing this process together, at the same time in person or using a group chat to coordinate.)

Everyone should go into their first Offer and make sure the locations are the same. We recommend adding as many locations as possible to maximize the number of partners we can give you. 

Next, turn linking on, and you will each add ALL of your friend’s phone numbers to the Offer. When you hit “Add,” it will link your Offer to them.

Set your category preferences to “Give me everything” 

We only recommend doing this for one Offer as it increases the chances you all will get the same Offer each month. But you can do it for both if you’d like. 

You can reduce locations or opt-out of categories, but you will have less chance of getting the same Offer each month. 

Also, since we don’t regularly repeat Offers within twelve months, if one (or more) of you has been a member for longer, it may reduce the chances you have of getting the same Offer as your friends b/c you have fewer options while they (a new member) will have more options.

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