How do you actually pick which Offers I should get when I link with my friends?

Each month, we create an Offer Pool for each Offline member. An Offer Pool is basically the group of partners you could potentially get that month. When we go to match you with Offers, we look at what group (if any) your Offer is linked to try to find an overlap of everyone in the group. From here, we see if that partner has the capacity to have you and your friends get the same thing that month, and if so, bam, you all have the same Offer. 

We look at the following variables when deciding how we can give you and your friends the same Offers: 

  • Are you in the same group?
  • What Offers have you received in the past 12 months? (we exclude these)

There are some other variables we use, but these four are the most important. If any of the variables above are different between you and a friend you’ve tried to link to, it’s less likely you will have the same Offers.

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