How do Offline groups work?

A group is a way to sync Offers with a small set of friends. You can link all of your Offers to one group, or link each individual Offer to different groups. Whoever is in a group will get the same Offers each month. There are two ways to use Offline groups. 

Option 1: Join an existing group

This is likely to be the option you will use initially. To join an existing group: 

  1. Turn on "Link with Friends?" and click "Find Friends"
  2. Search for the phone number or group code of the friend you want to sync with. 
  3. If the person you're searching for is in the group you found, hit "Join" to join the group. If they are only in private groups, you will have to ask them for their group code. 
  4. Your Offer is now linked to this group. To see/modify the group preferences for your newly linked Offer, click the "Edit Group Preferences" button. 

You can also unlink the Offer from here as needed. 

To restore your personal preferences for this Offer just turn off the "Link with Friends?" switch. Your personal preferences will apply and you will not get the same Offer as the group. 

Option 2: Create a new group and invite others

If the person you're looking for isn't in any groups, you can create your own group and invite them to join/sync their Offer(s) with you. 

  1. The same as before. Toggle on your "Link with friends?" button and search for your friend. You'll see the "No Groups Found" box. 
  2. Click "Start A Group" and fill out the information in the box
  3. By clicking on "Send {friend} an invite?", we will send your friend the join code and instructions on linking their Offer(s) to the group. 
  4. By clicking on "make our group details private", other members will need to have the join code and cannot see the members or preferences of the group. 
  5. You can invite others to join this group by using the "Invite Others" feature

See below to learn more features of using a group. 

What can I do inside of a group?

Link Additional Offers

When you create or join a group inside of an Offer, you are ONLY linking that Offer to the group. If you want to link multiple Offers to a group, be sure to go into your other Offer (in this case, Offer #2), and link it. 

  1. In Offer #2 (or the Offer you want to link), turn on "Link with Friends?" 
  2. Since you have previously joined or created a group, you will see those groups in this list. 
  3. Just tap the circle to the right and hit done. 
  4. BAM! Now your other Offer is linked to the group, too and we'll give you Offers based on those same preferences. 

Set a group name

  1. Log into your dashboard
  2. Go to Offer with the linked Group
  3. Click "customize and link friends to this offer"
  4. Click "Edit Group Preferences"
  5. Click "Edit group name" at the top of the page

Set the group's preferences

Once on the group page, you can add or subtract additional "Where to explore?" locations and "What type of places?" categories. Remember, changing these changes them for whoever has Offers linked to the group. IE. If you add 5 additional locations to the group's preferences, all other members will now have those same preferences.
Important: Preference changes do not apply until the next month. 

Set your group's privacy

At the top of the group page, you'll see a "Group Members" box. A public group can be joined by anyone that has the phone numbers of any of the group members. If you don't want other people joining your group without an unlock code, tap the lock icon and set it to private.
A private group can ONLY be joined via the unlock code you received in this email or by clicking on the "Email", "Text", or "Copy" buttons in the Invite Others box.

Invite Friends

You probably already invited one person to the group when you created it, but in order to have more, you can invite more people to link Offers to the group so you all get the same thing. Send them the instructions below or use the invite feature inside the "Edit Group Preferences" page for the group.
  1. Log into your dashboard
  2. Choose an Offer you want to link
  3. Turn on "Link with Friends?"
  4. Click on the "Find Friends" button
  5. Enter the group code ({{event.group_code}}) into the search box and hit Search
  6. If the group is private, you'll unlock it with the code ({{event.group_code}})
  7. Hit "Join"
  8. To link additional Offers, go into the other Offer's preferences and add the group.

Leaving A Group

If you don't want a group you've previously been in to show up in your account at all anymore, go into that group's edit page and hit "Leave Group". It will completely remove it from your account and unlink any and all Offers you have associated with it. You can always join the group again later.

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