How do I redeem my Offer?

For regular Offline Members: 

It’s super easy. Head over to the restaurant, order, eat, and enjoy as you normally would. 

When it comes time to pay, simply tell your server/cashier that you’re an Offline member; they’ll ask for your Offline ID and then adjust your bill accordingly

Just don’t forget to tip on the pre-discounted total!

For Offline To-Go Members: 

Depending on the individual restaurant, you'll have a few potential options on how to order. The one big thing to keep in mind that  if payment happens in-person, all members redeeming an Offer must be present

    • Call in, place your to-go order, and give them your Offline To-Go ID to have your bill adjusted. If you're paying over the phone with other members, only one of you has to be present at pickup.
    • Show up, order takeout normally, and simply tell your server/cashier that you are an Offline To-Go member when it's time to pay. They'll take your ID number and adjust your bill accordingly. 
    • Directions for online ordering vary depending on what ordering system a restaurant uses (don't worry, it's still easy as pie). Check your newsletter for step-by-step instructions on each Offer. 

Don't worry about committing this to memory.  We'll ALWAYS give you explicit ordering instructions alongside each Offer. 

And we know you were raised right—don't forget to tip on the pre-discounted total! 

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