How do events work?

Look out for emails from us throughout the month, because you never know when we’re going to announce a Sneak Peek Party or special event. Keep in mind these events are always in high demand and often have limited capacity. Combine that with the last-minute nature of new business openings, and you’ll get why the second we get confirmation on a Sneak Peek, we drop everything and email you an invite.

In that invite, you’ll find all the event details along with a link to enter the lottery for tickets (you’ll also always be able to request a plus one ticket unless otherwise stated). We’ll also always note what time the lottery ends and that’s when winners will be notified. If you win, you’re in, and we can’t wait to see you. And don’t fret if you miss out on one—there’s always plenty more coming down the pike.

If you do score a ticket(s), you’ll show up to the event and check in with the good-looking Offline rep upfront. Read our event policy below for more info. 

If you do not win a ticket, we'll let you know that same day. It's rare, but if additional spots become available, we'll reach out and confirm you still want to attend via SMS. These spots are usually a bit more restrictive (we pick the time for you, +1's required, etc). The details will be in the SMS. 

You may only enter the lottery one time. If you enter multiple times, the latest entry will be counted and all previous entries will be deleted. 

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