How do lottery entries work?

As you guys know, special events + Sneak Peek events are hot tickets. While we’d love to get everyone in the door to everything, the reality is that there are always capacity limits. As an active member, you’ll automatically get one entry to enter any event lotto you want but, you can up your chances at winning by taking actions that benefit the Offline community. (More on that in a second.)

When you enter the lottery, all of your entries go “in the hat” and winners are selected randomly. Once we select winners, we’ll notify the winners by email. As long as your account is active, you don't lose any lottery points — so go ahead and rack 'em up! 

How to earn more lottery entries:

  • REFERRALS (20 additional entries per referral)
    • We want to reward referrals in a way that recognizes their huge impact on the community. For every person who uses your personal referral code, you will receive 20 additional lottery entries. There is no limit on the number of people you can refer. If the person you referred cancels, these points are no longer active. 
  • LENGTH OF MEMBERSHIP (10 additional entries per active year)
    • This means that on every year anniversary of joining Offline you’ll receive 10 additional lottery entries for each. Your membership is an investment in a relationship with us, and we want to show that we recognize that value.
  • INSTAGRAM (5 additional entries per partner or story set)
    First, tell us your public Instagram handle so that we know it’s you. Then, you’ll start accumulating extra entries for every post/story where you:
    • 1. Tag the IG of the city you live in
    • 2. Tag the Offline partner business you’re visiting 
    • Reminder: Your account has to be public for this to work + you must use both tags for credit. 
    • Multiple posts or story sets at one partner will count as one entry.
    • It can take up to 7 days to have the social points show up in your account. 
  • OFFER REVIEWS (1 additional entry per review)
    • When we see that you’ve redeemed an Offer, we email you a survey to collect feedback. That feedback is incredibly helpful to us and our partners, so for every completed review, we’ll say thank you with an additional lottery entry.

No matter how many points you accumulate, it is not a guarantee you will win tickets to an event.)