What is your Event Policy?

We like to think it’s pretty simple:

  • If you win, you’re in. Stand us up or cancel a ticket after you’ve won and event and we’ll automatically charge your card $5 (which we’ll donate to NC’s Food Bank). You’re also responsible for your guest’s ticket if you get one; if you cancel a guest ticket or your guest doesn’t show up, you will also be charged $5.
  • Only enter the lottery once, and only for yourself.
  • +1s are welcome unless otherwise noted.
  • There may be a photographer roaming around to help us capture events, and Offline reserves the right to use these assets without express written permission of those included in the images. We may use these photos on our site, social media, private shrine to you (kidding!), etc.
  • Tickets cannot be sold, resold, bartered, auctioned, or transferred in any way.
  • Some perks like fitness classes will have a higher no-show fee

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