Can I pause my membership?

Of course! We get sometimes you need a break to deal with life. You can pause for 1-6 months at a time. 

You can do this from your profile page: 

  1. Log into your dashboard
  2. Go to your profile page by clicking on the little person icon in the top right
  3. Scroll down to the bottom
  4. Choose "Pause your account" and follow the instructions on the screen

While paused:

  • You will also not be assigned new offers while you are paused.
  • Redeeming extended offers that you had while you were active will not affect the pause. Go ahead and use those before they expire.
  • You will receive a monthly reminder that you are paused and will be automatically unpaused at the end of your pause period and charged for the next month. 

You can pause your subscription at any time before the end of the current billing period you are on. Pausing will take effect at the end of the current month. We cannot retroactively apply a pause. 

If you have an unpaid subscription after 3 weeks into the month, we will pause you indefinitely and reach out letting you know. You will not be able to use Offers until you fix your card on file.

What about annual plans? 

Annual plan pausing works a little bit different. When you pause an annual plan we will add a credit for the number of months you have paused your annual plan for. If your pause overlaps with your next annual subscription payment you will still be billed, but it will be cheaper b/c you will have a credit on file from previous months. 

Let's say you sign up January 1st, 2022. If you use 6 months of your annual membership and pause for the 2nd 6 months, your will still receive a bill on January 1st, 2023 but the bill will be less the 6 months from your 2022 subscription you did not use. So it breaks down like this: 

  1. You pay $107.88 January 1st, 2022
  2. You pause from July 1st -> December 31st (We add a credit of $53.94 to your account). 
  3. Your account is paused and you don't get any Offers/Perks/Events from July 1st -> December 31st
  4. On January 1st, 2023, you will receive a bill for $107.88 - $53.94 = $53.94* which is your annual plan membership fee minus the previous year's credits
  5. Your plan will go to December 31st, 2023 and will renew on the first day of the following year. 

*All numbers approximate. They may shift slightly with Offline price changes, other charges you've accumulated during your active months (extensions or event tickets), etc. 

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