What’s the deal with Offer extensions?

Need more time to use your Offers? Simply click on the extension link in that email before the end of the month to extend the Offers in your newsletter for the first two weeks of the following month. It costs $2 total to extend all extendable Offers in your newsletter.

Extend graphic

Couple of things to keep in mind:

  • It's $2 to extend all extendable Offers in your newsletter, and an Offer may only be extended once.
  • An extension will keep your Offers valid for the next 2 weeks only. 
  • Any current month Offer that you extend will be included in your NEXT month's newsletter, along with its new expiration date. 
  • You'll see the charge(s) in next month’s membership invoice. 
  • Occasionally an Offer won't be eligible for an extension.

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